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A Poole
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A Poole - 0 pts
A B License is awarded to all drivers when they sign up at GRC. This entitles them to enter all cup events run at GRC. License Points earnt through incident reports in B License ranking events stay on your license for 3 non banned months.

Drivers may earn an upgrade to another license by completing the required number of races and having no more than the maximum allowed points on their license once the required races have been entered.
License Upgrade
Here you see which licenses this driver can upgrade to, showing their current race and points count and the required races and maximum points to achieve the upgrade.
Next LicenseMin Races to gain LicenseCurrent RacesMax Points to gain LicenseCurrent Points
A License20030
Current Points
Below you can see a brief overview of incidents which this driver has been involved in and earned themself points on their license. Please view the Incidents page to view more details on these incidents.
There are no incidents to see here.
Below you can see past and current bans served by this driver.
This driver has not served any bans.
Ban Thresholds
Below is a list of the bans that will be enforced on this driver if they match or exceed the point limits below
EventsPointsBan Duration (weeks)Allow re-ban when drop below points
All Events2025520
B License162413
B License1289
B License825

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