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GRCE Mad Dog Endurance Series 2012
The GRC Mad Dog is an endurance series that consist of ten races beginning with Paul Ricard. We race up to 144 Minutes and accelerate the race accordingly. The series will start with the first race in February. We will loosely follow the order and location of the WEC/ILMS/ALMS 2012 race calendar with a few guest tracks. A total of ten races including Le Mans. This is a also good way to progress towards an A-License.
Meeting Info
Meeting Format for races
18:40 BST Practice 1.
19.00 BST Drivers Meeting
19:10 -- 19:40 BST Qualifying.
19:42 -- 19:57 BST Warm-up.
20:00 BST Race start.

The event will start at the TrackLocalTime (TLT) and will be accelerated to simulate the change in day and night racing. We will align with ALMS rules and Traction Control Level 3 will be allowed, and 60-75% damage will be enabled.
Scoring Info
Each class have the same points:

1st: 12pts
2nd: 8pts
3rd: 6pts
4th: 5pts
5th: 4pts
6th: 3pts
7th: 2pts
8th: 1pt

Bonus points are awarded as follows: (Awarded for each class)
Pole Position: 1pt
Fastest Lap: 1pt
Most Places Gained: 1pt
Rules and Regulations
Drivers Meeting

The Drivers Meeting is one hour before the race starts. Drivers are expected to go to the pits before the meeting starts. No chatting allowed until Race Control/Admin allows it


No chatting is allowed during the following stages of the round:
Drivers Meeting
After the race, wait until the last driver has passed the start/finish line.


Teams can enter as many cars as they like.
Each team must nominate a captain who will be responsible for all communication before and during the event. They will also be responsible for there drivers behavior, so in extreme cases bad conduct by one car\\member could result in all cars being disqualified.

Drivers may only be entered for 1 car.

General rules

All drivers are expected to behave in a respectable fashion towards other competitors. Swearing in game will not be tolerated. The first instance will be punished by a stop and go and further instances will result in a team being removed from the server. Anybody causing an intentional accident will be removed from the server and banned for a period of time decided by the race administrators

Chat box

No use of the chat box during qualifying or the race. At the end of session please make sure all drivers have finished before talking. Teams are encouraged to use the team speak system.

Driving area

Drivers must have two wheels within the boundaries of the track at all times.
For clarification see GRC Driving Rules
Drivers are expected to be aware of there surroundings during all sessions.

It is forbidden to drive a car in the opposite direction of the race except and only to remove it from a dangerous position.


It is the responsibility of the following driver to make a clean pass. The leading driver may make 1 defensive move only

Definition of a defensive move

A lead driver may take a defensive line into a corner to make it harder for a passing move to succeed. You may make one defensive move eg. to the inside of the track or a tighter line. Once you have made the move, you must stay there and take the turn from that position, you may not move defensively again, this is weaving and is not permitted.

A defensive move is one that begins before the car behind has moved to begin a passing attempt. If you move after the car behind pulls out, this is blocking and is not permitted.

If the car behind gets an overlap with yours at the turn-in point, however small, you are expected to leave room in the turn for that car. If you are leaving room, you may not squeeze your opponent off the track at the exit.

Drivers being lapped are expected to hold a consistent line and make it clear very early if they are moving off line. It is the responsibility of the lapping car to make the pass clean, however it is the responsibility of the car being lapped to allow the lapping car past at the first safe opportunity.

At some points in the race a situation may arise where a car is able to un-lap itself. In this situation the lead car does not have to let the faster car through and it is the responsibility of the car behind to make a clean pass.

Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the Stewards, alters their racing line more than once based on the actions of pursuing competitors, or uses an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent passing may be considered to be blocking and may be
warned or penalized

Pit Stops

Drivers entering the pits are expected to move off line early and make it clear they are entering the pits.

Drivers who when they can exit there pit stall find a car about to pass them must allow the car to pass before exiting there stall.

When exiting the pits the blend line must be respected by all four wheels for its full length. Once the line have ended you may rejoin the racing line only when it is safe to do so.


Depending on the sign up we will separate the classes during qualify.
10 minutes each, Race Control makes the call thru chatbox.


Cars have to complete 70% of the distance covered by their class winner to be classified.

Server failure

Although we do not anticipate any problems if for any reason the server fails during the races, all competitors will have 15 minutes to rejoin the server. The race will then be started again in the order the cars were running at the time of the failure. The two parts of the race will be added together to determine the final result.

Handbook Link

The following restrictions are in place on driver sign ups.

To enter this championship you license rank must be at least B License
Allowed to change cars
Allowed to change to a car in a different class
Allowed to change teams
Teams members may run different cars
May only enter with teams that have not filled their quota of 2 entries
General Information
No of Divisions: 3
Races per Meeting: 1
First Event: February 22, 2012
Last Event: December 22, 2012

Championship Inactive
Signups Closed
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