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The rFactor Gentlemans Racing Club is all about providing private racing for it's members. because of this, racing in a club becomes similar to that of a League, close, fair and clean. :)

Any driver wanting to become a member of the rF-GRC should aim to put good on-track behaviour first and winning second. In this way, we should be able to enjoy regular races that are a lot of fun.

The rF-GRC is open to all drivers whether they are beginners or veterans, this should be the perfect place to learn race techniques and behaviour in a more friendly environment than the public servers.

There is no obligation attached to your membership, you can just turn up on a race night and join in, we won't expect you to be there each and every race :)

In addition to regular racing, we will organise occasional special events to add an extra element to the fun!

Welcome! and have fun out there!!

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